Shout Out!

Hello Everyone,

You might have heard me mention I have a new book coming out tomorrow.

What I haven’t said too much about yet is the other people involved in the project.

Axel’s Pup has been in the works for over a year.

I did the writing. Here’s who did everything else…

Professional Services

Editing is by Chris Allen-Riley of Michigan, who has worked with a few different publishing houses in the past and currently works freelance via Round Table Author Services. She’s worked on lots of projects with me and is completely fantabulous. (She’s also the editor who accepted my first story for publication back in 2008!)

Proof Reading is by Shannon Leeper of California, who has done the proof reading on all my recent indi releases. She is amazing in every way there is. She doesn’t advertise her services anywhere at the moment, but if she did, I’d be linking and recommending the hell out of her!

Cover Art is by Kris Norris, from Canada. She’s done quite a few covers for me, most of which I haven’t shared yet. I love them all, but the work she did on Axel’s Pup has a special place in my heart. She’s fantastically understanding of writers who are horribly picky and indecisive. She’s another member of Round Table Author Services, you can also see info on her cover art work on her website here.

Formatting and file conversion are by Jim & Zetta. They work with publishers as well as indi authors and have come through for me every time. I still can’t believe how little they charge for such fantastic work!

Quirkier Services

This is an indi book, meaning I’m not working with a publisher on it, but I do need to give a shout out to Jess of Resplendence Publishing. Over a year ago I promised her that as soon as I finished the novella I was working on, I’d send in the final story in my Sun, Sea and Submission series. I expected it to be handed in March 2014. But, that novella I was doing, it’s what grew into Axel’s Pup. Jess could have put a lot of pressure on me to stop halfway through Axel’s Pup and do the story I’d promised her – most publishers would have, by Jess has been incredibly accepting. (And I’m working on that story for her now!)

A final major shout out to my parents. We’re really close. I live next door to them. They’re wonderfully supportive of my writing. So, over the last year they have borne the brunt of the… This is the best book ever… I love this book… I’m never going to finish this book… Everyone is going to hate this book… There’s a reason why no one would accept it if I pitched it to them… I’m an idiot… I’m re-writing it again… I love this book…Etc. Etc. Needless to say, but I’m going to say it anyway – I love them to bits, I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for them.

So, huge thank yous to everyone 🙂

I will be back tomorrow for the release announcement!


Kim Dare.


2 thoughts on “Shout Out!

    • Thank you 🙂

      So far it’s gone a lot better than I expected!

      I’m incredibly lucky with my parents. There’s not many who wouldn’t even blink when their daughter announces they want to write BDSM for a living 🙂


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