Easy Maths!

Hi Everyone,

If you’ve read the dedication at the start of Axel’s Pup, you’ll already know that it was my 100th commercially available book (i.e. not counting freebies).

With percentages this easy to work out, I couldn’t resist.

Out of the 100 books…

By publisher:

  • 37 were published with Totally Bound
  • 38 were with Resplendence Publishing
  • 17 were with Amber Allure
  • 3 were published with All Romance E-books
  • 2 were with Riptide Publishing
  • 3 were indi/self published

By length:

  • 52 were short stories (Under 20k)
  • 37 were novellas (20-40k)
  • 7 were short novels (40-60k)
  • 3 were standard novels (60-100k)
  • 1 was a super length novel (Over 100k)

By sales (these are just based on comparing my books to my books, I have no idea how my sales compare to anyone else’s figures):

  • 21 had disappointing sales
  • 31 did okay
  • 17 did well
  • 11 did very well
  • 15 did great
  • 4 books had exceptional sales
  • 1 had sales that made me say wow!

By date:

  • 1 come out in 2008
  • 16 came out in 2009
  • 23 came out in 2010
  • 20 came out in 2011
  • 28 came out in 2012
  • 8 came out in 2013
  • 2 came out in 2014
  • 2 came out in 2015

By pairings:

  • 5 were MF
  • 1 was FM
  • 1 was MFM
  • 1 was MMF
  • 1 was FF
  • 1 was MMM
  • 90 were MM

Which means a whole 9 % of my stories have involved female main characters!

By genre/theme:

  • 85 were contemporary
  • 15 were paranormal
  • 5 had a Christmas theme
  • 4 had a Valentine theme

And it’s not a percentage, but another random fact – by my calculations, as well as taking me over 100 books, Axel’s Pup took me over 2 million published words.

And I think that’s enough numbers now!



P.S. If you remember me saying that my next post was going to be about what I’m planning to write next, that post will arrive tomorrow, as part of my April Newsletter-ish sort of post.


6 thoughts on “Easy Maths!

  1. Thanks for writing so ,any books for us to enjoy. Your book “Christmas Spirits -The Gift” makes me cry every time I read it and others allow the reader to feel so many other emotions too. Thanks and keep writing!


    • Thank you! The Gift was my first one out and I have to admit, I cry when I re-read it, lol. Will have to write the other spirits one day ๐Ÿ™‚




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