Axel’s Pup in print :)

Hello everyone 🙂

First, thank you to everyone for their kindness and understanding about the Goodreads event story I had to withdraw from. Sara’s prompt has been taken up by Julia, and I have no doubt she is going to rock it!

Next, Axel’s Pup is now in print. It’s actually been out a little while, I’ve kept meaning to blog about it, but I kept putting it off hoping I’d have updates on other projects to add to the post. I finally gave up on that plan, lol.

Okay, so – print.


If you’ve read the e-version you’ll know that Axel’s Pup isn’t a small book. Unfortunately, the price of the print book is largely dictated by the size of the book.

I’ve kept the price as low as possible. I’ll be honest – I make my living out of e-books. I’m not aiming to make huge profits on the print side of things. It’s more about giving people the option, and the fact I do love having things in print 🙂 So, I’ve just taken the minimum price and rounded up to neaten things up.

It works out as £11.99 for the UK, €13.99 for Europe, and $14.99 for the US.

(If you’re curious, my royalty per print copy will be $0.75 US, £0.33 UK and €0.40 Europe.)

If you’re familiar with the exchange rates, you might notice that the US price is lower than the others. I’m guessing that it is due to print costs or what-not.

However, I can only keep the US price this low by limiting distribution from Amazon to other websites. Once I expand distribution, it will go up to about the same price as it is in other territories. I think that will be about $20.00. So, if you’re in the US and want a print copy, you might want to get it sooner rather than later. (I’ll try to give due warning before I put the price up.)


The book is 9 inches by 6 inches and 616 pages.

You can buy it on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon Europe.

Any other questions about it, just shout 🙂


Kim Dare

P.S. One last pic – a group shot with my other print titles…


If you want to see one with a chihuahua posing next to it for scale, see my twitter feed 🙂

6 thoughts on “Axel’s Pup in print :)

  1. I’m currently reading this in the eBook version and love it.
    will the printed book be available on any site other than amazon?
    unfortunatly amazon shipping prices make ordering books very pricy in my country.


    • Hi Miri 🙂

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the ebook!

      The plan is to keep the print book exclusive to Amazon for a few weeks, and then expand distribution to other sites. I expect it to go onto the other sites at some point next week – hopefully that will include a site that works well for your country.

      Take care,

      Kim Dare


  2. Hi Kim,

    I loved Axel’s Pup. I finally bought and reD the ebook version last weekend and am just finishing my second read. I’ve always enjoyed your books but this might possibly be my favorite thing you’ve written. I very much look forward to more stories in the series and will be buying from Amazon immediately.

    I’ve also really loves both Duck and Magpie and look forward to reading your rewrites. Do you plan on giving the albatross, Ambrose a book?

    I just read the post about your good reads withdrawal. I hope your health is improving. I look forward to reading the outlined story at a later date.


    • Hi Nix 🙂

      I’m so glad you liked Axel’s Pup.

      Ambrose is going to get his book. His will be the third in the series. I’ll be starting work on that once I’ve finished updating Duck!, Magpie and the follow up novellas for them.

      Ambrose will be getting a happy ending with someone new to the nest. The guys from the previous books will be making appearances in his story nudging Ambrose and his new friend in the right direction 🙂

      Things are bit easier health wise now, thank you. Hoping to fit the story that was requested into my to write list somewhere soon 🙂

      Take care,



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