March will be a much better month than February was!

Hi Everyone,

If you’re wondering where February’s blog post went, I know how you feel. I wonder where February as a whole went! In my case it started with a virus, ended with a minor shoulder injury, and wasn’t much better in the middle, lol. Not a lot of work got done.

But, it’s March now, and I’m determined that March will be a much better month than February was!

Okay, down to business.

News –

It feels like very old news now, but back in January, the Goodreads MM Romance Group had it’s annual awards celebrations.

Axel’s Pup came second in Hurt/Comfort and first in BDSM! A huge thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for me – it probably goes without saying that I’m really chuffed.

In related news, as of this month, Axel’s Pup has been out for a whole year. It’s been better received than I ever imagined. More thanks for everyone who has bought, reviewed, recommended and generally supported the book. I still find it hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s gone down so well!

On to other news – not so positive this time. You may well have heard by now, that the publisher Amber Quill will be closing its doors at the end of this month. They were a fantastic publisher who were an absolute joy to work with.

While I’ve heard stories of other publishers who’ve closed down acting in unprofessional, or downright dishonest, ways at the end, I just want to say that nothing like that has happened with Amber Quill. Royalties were (and still are) being paid on time, e-mails are being answered, and they’ve done everything they can do to make any transitions as smooth and painless as possible for all their authors.

I had 17 titles published with Amber Quill. The 14 Pushing the Envelope stories have already been returned to me. The 3 Kinky Quickie stories are being returned to me at the end of March when they close down permanently.

The important bit: If you’ve bought any stories published by Amber Quill (by me or anyone else) please check and make sure you have back up copies, because it’s likely you won’t be able to access them after the publisher closes.

Okay – on to happier news. I’ve finally posted my re-edited version of Make a Wish up on All Romance E-books. It’s a free short story that follows on from Gay Like You. Just click on the cover below to find out more.

2. Make a Wish

And, from there, on to future plans!

I’m still working my way through Pushing the Envelope. I have two new stories to add and a bit more editing to do before it goes off to formal editing etc. It should be ready to be released this summer, all in one volume 🙂

I’m still trying to stick to my resolution not to plan too far ahead, so I’m keeping my options open after this project.

And I think that’s all for now – here’s to March being a much better month than February was 🙂


Kim Dare


5 thoughts on “March will be a much better month than February was!

  1. I can’t find Make a Wish on ARe and the link does not work. Can you tell me when this will be available? I loved all the GAY books, and always checking to see if you have a new book out.


  2. Kim, I have been reading you for years and have read everything of yours that I can lay my hands on. Most stories more than once. You’re killing me… How’s the new book coming along? Many writers that I pick up… Well let’s just say once I’m familiar with the formula I lose interest. Your stories never get old. Look forward to your new works.


    • Hi Joey,

      Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. Somehow your comment got flagged as spam and hidden 😦

      I’m really glad you’re enjoying the stories and that they’re keeping your interest!

      Pushing the Envelope is off with my editors and should be good to go in September.

      I’m currently polishing up Better than Sex ready to release a new self-pub edition in November.

      Next on my list will be the next two Kinky Cupid stories, which will hopefully both come out next February.

      Hope that helps,



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