September and Pushing the Envelope

Hi Everyone!

This is the second month in a row that I’m actually doing my 1st of the month blog post on the 1st of the month. Might be a personal record!

Okay, so news:

Pushing the Envelope (2nd edition) is coming out on the 15th of the month and is currently in the process of appearing up for pre-order. I’ll pull all the links together in another blog post, either later today or tomorrow, depending on how quickly Amazon approves the story. But, if you do All Romance Ebooks – it’s already up and running there. Here’s the link. The entire first installment is up there as an excerpt.

A print version is also in the works, and will hopefully be available to buy on the 15th too.

Some of the longer standing readers may remember that the first edition was released in fourteen installments by Amber Allure. I stand by the fact that it was the right format for the story, but realise now that it wasn’t the best format for the reader – especially from a financial point of view.

This edition brings all fourteen of those installments, as well as two entirely new installments, together in one e-book. It means it will be much less expensive to buy, however, if you could think of it more like a box set than one novel, that would be much appreciated 🙂 I still think it reads much better that way.

Other news:

You might have noticed the new author logo that Catherine Dair designed for me, and the new headers on social media. From now on whenever you see that logo – it will be me 🙂


Coming Up Next:

Better than Sex is done, edited and ready to be released in November.

I’m currently working on Sticks and Stones, which will be coming out next February. It’s going okay so far. I didn’t get as much done on it in August as I hoped I would, but (as I mentioned recently on Facebook) I’m hoping that I’ll be able to start writing more quickly again soon.

And I think that’s it, until I can do a proper post with all the links to the new release.

Happy September Everyone!



2 thoughts on “September and Pushing the Envelope

  1. Oh I can’t wait for PtE!!! I’ll probably go and pre-order it =D I’m hoping that PtE as well as Duck will be available soon as audiobooks ‘cos I’d love to buy them while I have credits in audible, if that’s the company you’ll go with =D Oh shoot! There’s Axel’s Pup too (those 3 titles are in my fave top 10 books ^^)


    • Hi Christina 🙂

      Duck! and Axel’s Pup have both been bought by Audible, so they’ll definitely be appearing in audio, although I’m not sure about a timeline yet.

      Hopefully they’ll be interested in buying Pushing the Envelope next time their in the mood to go on a buying spree too 🙂



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