March Newsletter – Coming Soon and Explanations!

Hi Everyone,

I’m a bit late with the newsletter this month. Part of it was hard to write, so I did the mature, sensible thing, and put it off for as long as I could, lol.

Easy bits first:

I’ve reclaimed the rights to several of my titles which were previously published by Pride or Resplendence Publishing. These titles will be unavailable until such time as I manage to release indi versions.

The MM ones are mostly short stories, except for With a Kiss.

With a Kiss was the last novel I had left with a publisher. I’m hoping to bring out a new version later this year. It will be re-edited and possibly slightly extended.

The short stories will probably be compiled into an anthology and re-released in that format. Not sure on the time line for that.

I’ve also reclaimed the last of my stories that involve women. Since I haven’t brought any of those titles back out yet, at this point the only stories I have available are MM. Not sure what to do with the non-MM stories right now, but I’ll try to work something out.

Next topic – Current Work in Progress:

I said last month that I was going to work on one of two projects. I ended up working on a completely different one!

What Happens at the Hotel is a 20k word novella. It’s MM, BDSM. I’ve already got it drafted and partially edited. I’m hoping it will be able to come out quite soon – hopefully in May 🙂

When it comes out, it will be the first completely new work I’ve published in quite a while.

Which brings me to the part of the blog post I’ve been putting off. It’s become increasingly obvious that I need to offer everyone some sort of more complete explanation for why new work has been so slow appearing.

(I’ve mentioned some of this before, but I’ll recap some basics for those who haven’t read previous posts on the topic.)

I’ve had ME (sometimes referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and fybromyalgia for over two decades now. As a result of dealing with those conditions for so long, I also have issues with anxiety.

A little over two years ago, just as I was coming to the end of my work on Axel’s Pup, I tried a new medication that is supposed to help with the pain associated with fybromyalgia, as well as help with anxiety. I was in a pretty bad place health wise, so it seemed worth a try.

It did help in some ways. It also came with some pretty horrible side effects. I won’t bore you with the rest of them, but one of those side effects was that I found it very difficult to access that part of my brain where writing happens. The longer I was on the tablets the harder it was to write and it reached a point where it felt like that part of my brain was completely walled off – I’m not sure how else to describe it.

Although the medication helped a lot with pain and anxiety, not being able to write caused me to become severely depression. For quite a while I was in a very dark place. It became dangerous.

I ended up stopping the tablets last August. Gradually, as the medication left my system, I’ve been able to re-access the writing part of my brain. At first it was an intermittent process – the stories would come back for a day or two, then disappear. But, since last month it’s become a lot more consistent, which I why I’ve finally been able to write something new.

My brain is finally starting to work the way it should, or at least the way it does when not on medication. I’m not working as quickly as I would like, but I am hoping that I’ll have a few new stories published this year. They will probably be shorter works to start with, and I’ll build up to being able to produce full length novels again.

Unfortunately, it might still be a while before I’m able to work on big projects, like the next story in the Werewolves and Dragons series. But please trust that I am working my way towards being able to do that.

I understand that a lot of people are impatient to find out what comes next for Axel and Bayden, and that a lot of readers feel that there has already been far too long a delay between titles.

I love that people enjoyed their first book so much and that they are so invested in Axel and Bayden’s future. But, I promise you, that if I could have, I’d have published their next book months ago. I’m not refusing to publish the next part of their story because I don’t care about the characters or because I’m being bloody minded about it! The only reason it hasn’t been published is because I’ve been physically incapable of writing it.

As I said at the top of this post, I don’t find it easy to talk about some things. Explaining things about my health means I have to face facts myself about how bad my health (physical and mental) has been over the last few years. It also means facing the fact there will probably be people who won’t react well to what I have to say.

But, anyway, that part of the post is finally written now.

Have a fantastic March everyone!


Kim Dare.


15 thoughts on “March Newsletter – Coming Soon and Explanations!

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say your very brave opening up about what youve been through. I have ME myself so I totally understand. It effects the way I am able to concentrate in a lot of ways and have recently had a set back myself.
    I love your work, especially With A Kiss, and Axel’s Pup, and I just wanted to send a message of support! Xx


  2. Kim just look after yourself, I, and many of your true fans, will never want anything else. We have more than enough of your work already and if anyone’s impatient they can just start a complete reread. That should keep them busy for a long time!


  3. Please get well first, Kim. We are eagerly waiting for the return of Axel and Bayden (as well as your other characters in other books) but not at the cost of your health. In the meantime, we can all fantasize together about what comes next. So take your time and concentrate on what is important: you. Best, Carina


  4. Sending you *hugs* I can empathise with the dark place you were in, I reached that horrible low a year ago last November, albeit for different reasons. I think it’s very brave of you to talk about your health in your post. To hell if someone doesn’t like it, they should be offering their love and support, not their judgement. I love your books and think they’re worth waiting for 😀 Take care of yourself and happy writing x 😀


  5. Kim, I’m sorry you felt like you had to explain some very personal experiences and that you even felt like you had to apologize for your work or lack there of. I don’t understand readers who get demanding like that; I don’t get it. I love your work, I love the work of several writers. That doesn’t mean I get a say or that they owe me anything. I’m grateful for what they do. I’m grateful for the work you’ve done and you’re work is so good I reread pieces over and over. So I’m sorry you had to put that out there. Also, I’m sorry you’ve been having health problems. I’m very sorry to hear about the anxiety and depression. I have them myself and my partner does too, although I know everyone’s *flavor* of it is different, but I know it’s just hard and when you say dark place, I’m really terribly sorry, my heart hurts for you. I’m very happy to hear you’re doing better and that you’ve been able to write. I look forward to what you do next, but I can wait. Your stories are worth it.. and your health is too. Just want to send support and love.


  6. I understand what you mean about medication negatively affecting your writing. Something similar has happened to me with drawing, and it may not have been related to the meds I was on, but feeling like that part is walled off makes complete sense.


  7. I’m glad you are feeling better, but you don’t owe anyone explanations and you don’t “owe” us books either. Write when you can, take care of yourself. I am very much looking forward to another werewolf book, but if you are only ever able to write that one, I will simply be grateful that I got to read it. Really, truly – take your time and take care of you. Those of us who love your art will be here waiting. R x


  8. Ditto to the previous replies here – you don’t owe us books and to hell with anyone that suggests you might. While I look forward to pretty much anything you release, I see it as a lovely treat, not something you must provide. I still get plenty of enjoyable reading hours re-reading Duck! (and others, but that’s my fav.)

    Take care of yourself and I hope you continue to improve mentally/emotionally and are able to keep the physical side of things under control as well. (As a fellow chronic-illness-haver, I know that balancing the two can be particularly difficult!) Sending lots of well-wishes and happy vibes your way!


  9. I’m glad your writing ability has come back as it is so important to you but take your time and work on projects and upcoming books as you feel ready. Depression is pretty serious & I’m sorry to hear that medication intended to make you feel better ended up causing this. I’ve got depression too but with the help of antidepressants & my psychologist I’m getting better but for a while depression ruled my existence and also threatened it. I can’t imagine having that and ME at the same time. You’re a very brave woman and have shown such strength dealing with this. You write amazing books & I will just keep rereading Axel’s Pup till you feel able to work on the next book.


  10. What everyone above has said ! 🙂

    Your health and well-being is most important, so that always comes first!
    Your true fans (me, me, me) don’t mind waiting AT ALL for a new story (there’s lots of lovely stuff to re-read!)

    And I’m so happy you have your “writing mind” working again !!



  11. I just wanna say, I love you and your stories and I’ll wait for however long you need for the next story to form and be inspired by your muse. lol… It’s all worth it! ❤


  12. Hi Kim,
    You are certainly very brave and a strong person to deal with FM and ME all alone without sharing the burden with anybody… I suffer from FM and a couple of equally disgusting autoimmune diseases and I have to say I would probably have ended my life long ago if I had to deal with it all alone.
    Hope you feel better soon and write a lot of books…. waiting for all of them… till then will keeping imagining.
    God Bless.


  13. I just want to add to all the support and encouragement you see in the above posts. Your health and well-being are most important, especially since you’ll need those to feed greedy readers like myself new stories =D Don’t stress it, take as much time as you need and the readers who love your works and fans (again like me) get their fix from re-reading ^^

    When a new work comes along be sure that we’ll be here to devour it so rest assured, be happy, be healthy *hugs*


  14. I’m so glad to hear you were able to get back to writing. I’ve had a similar issue with medication (antidepressants, in my case), and it’s awful knowing you /should/ want to write but unable to scrounge up the inclination to do so. Loved your shifter books (both Duck/Celebrate/Magpie and Axel’s Pup) after finding them shortly before Christmas, to the point where after I’d read the ebooks several times within one month I got them in paperback as well (apart from Celebrate, of course) ^^; Will definitely keep an eye out for the next part in Bayden’s story, whether that takes a month or a year or longer to happen =) You’ve definitely made it up on my list of favourite authors :3


  15. Dear Kim.. I have no doubt you WILL be back, as strong as ever. Good thoughts & gratitude to you daily… Thanks for YOU & your gift of storytelling. BE WELL


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