April News: Coming Soon, Not Coming Soon After All, and On Sale Now!

Hi Everyone,

I put off posting yesterday because, like so many people, I avoid the internet on April Fools’ Day. But it’s the second now and hopefully safe to post 🙂

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their comments and responses to last month’s news letter. I haven’t replied to most people yet, but please don’t think that’s because I don’t care or the messages weren’t appreciated.

Last month was an odd month for me, both professionally and emotionally. I kind of shut down and stopped communicating with anyone as the month went on, but I will catch up and reply as soon as I can.

Okay, so, you might remember I mentioned a novella last month – What Happens at the Hotel. After seven weeks, I finally got it to the point where I would usually send it off to my editor.

I’d had my doubts about if the story really worked well or not, and I’d tried to convince myself that they were all in my head. But, in the end, I got a second opinion off someone I can trust. For better or worse they agreed – it’s not a very good book. 

I put my all into writing it, but the finished thing really wasn’t my best work. It isn’t good enough to put out into the world. It won’t be going to editorial. It won’t be being published.

My reader’s first instinctive reaction after reading the novella was – “Well, it’s not Axel’s Pup, is it?”. And I think most readers would have reacted the same way. The novella didn’t have the depth, the development, or the emotion that Axel’s Pup had.

I can’t get that all those things into a novella right now. However, I really do want to get all those things into my stories as I move forward. So, I’ve come to realise that short novellas probably aren’t where my brain, or my heart, is at that moment.

Working on Axel’s Pup, as well as the Avians Novels and Pushing the Envelope, gave me room to really get inside characters lives and tell their whole story rather than just a snapshot of it. I want to keep doing that.

I’m trying to be philosophical about the novella being a dud, and to see the weeks I spent on What Happens at the Hotel as a necessary part of getting my head back into the game, so I can move forward with stories that will actually turn out to be worth publishing. Some days I’m better at being philosophical than others, lol.

Anyway, that’s the “Not Coming Soon After All” part of the newsletter done with. On to what is actually Coming Soon!

I’ve already told you that I got the rights to With a Kiss back from Resplendence Publishing. It’s the last novel that was tied up to a publisher.

I’ll be bringing a new indi edition out soon, probably in June. I really love Liam and Marcus and I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with them as I’ve worked my way through the book.

I already have a gorgeous new cover by Kris Norris…

56. With a Kiss (2nd Ed)

I should have done my part in re-editing it, and have ready to go off to formal editing in the next week or two.

Once it’s been sent off, I’ll be working on something new. I’d love to be able to confirm what that will be, but it’s still slightly up in the air and I’d rather not have to write another “actually that project didn’t work out” post any time soon. Fingers crossed I’ll have some more definite news for you by next month.

Onto the “On Sale Now” bit of the newsletter. As you might already know, I’ve been trying out Pushing the Envelope on Kindle Unlimited. As part of that system, I’m able to put the book on sale at a discounted price for a limited time. I don’t usually do big discounts, but I decided it was worth experimenting with before it comes off Kindle Unlimited.

For a limited time only, you can get Pushing the Envelope for almost 75% off! I didn’t actually intend for the discount to be quite that big, but get it while you can!

Amazon US link and Amazon UK link. (Sorry to people in other regions, those are the only ones they seem to offer the discount option in.)

One final thing before I leave you all in peace.

Social media isn’t my natural habitat at the best of times. Right now, my biggest priority is to get my fiction writing back on track. So you probably won’t see my on social media for a while, and I’m very unlikely to see anything you post, either. I’ll pop on to Twitter and Facebook if I have any news to share, but that will be it.

If you want to contact me, I’ll still be checking my e-mail every day and you’re very welcome to contact me there. I think I should still see anything you tag me in on social media, but there might be some delay. I hope everyone can understand.

And that’s it!

Have a fantastic April everyone!


Kim Dare


6 thoughts on “April News: Coming Soon, Not Coming Soon After All, and On Sale Now!

  1. Kim, I appreciate the newsletters and updates. I understand about What Happens. Ultimately, it’s your name on any piece of writing not anyone else’s so you have to do what’s right for you. You’re work is worth waiting for. Axel’s Pup, Pushing, and the Avian novels are so good and good to go back to again and again so looking forward to whatever you do next. Be well.


  2. I am completely and utterly in love with your Avian Shifter series. It’s fantastic! I was just wondering if you had any plans to add more to that series, as I just love that world you created so much.


    • Hi,

      Sorry for the delay in replying.

      I’m really glad you’re enjoying the series!

      I have several other titles planned for it. The next ones on the to do list are Sparkle, which follows on from Magpie, and then Albatross, which is about Everet’s friend Ambrose 🙂


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