Resplendence Publishing Closing

Hi Everyone,

Just in case anyone missed my previous post about this…

Resplendence Publishing has recently announced they will be closing at the end of November 2018.

Please make sure you have backed up all titles purchased through their website before the end of November. While, as I understand it, you should still be able to access any titles you purchased through other vendors, I’d advise backing them up just in case.

I’ve listed all of my titles which will be affected below, to make it as easy as possible for you to check if you have them backed up. There are 39 altogether (including titles I’ve already regained the rights to / released new editions of).

New editions of all of the soon to be out-of-print titles will be released independently as quickly as possible, but it will take some time. Your patience is appreciated.

Avian Shifters

Duck! (1st edition)
Magpie (1st edition)

Stand Alone Titles

With a Kiss (1st edition)

Thrown to the Lions Series

Ryland’s Sacrifice
Marrick’s Promise
Ellery’s Duty
Cameron’s Pride

Sex Sells Series

Sealing the Deal
Waking Up Naked
Learning the Ropes
Turning the Tables

Rawlings Men Series

Handcuffs and Leather
Handcuffs and Glory Holes
Handcuffs and Headlocks
Handcuffs and Trouble
Handcuffs and Spreader Bars
Handcuffs and Ball Gags
Handcuffs and Megabytes
Handcuffs and Pretty Things

Sun, Sea and Submission Series

Packing Leather
Obedient Slave
Naked Truth
Vanilla Licks
Masochist’s Choice
Seeking Something

The Whole A-Z Collection

Facing Fitz
Indulging Ivan
Melting Mr. Mowburrey
Admiring Anna
Obeying Olivia
Warning Wendy

Resplendence Gems

Not One Word
On This Day
Touching Wood
Squeaky Clean
Home Sweet Home
In the Blink of an Eye
Hard at Work
Camping It Up

Sorry again for any inconvenience this is causing.


Kim Dare.

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