Coming Soon – Box Sets!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted any updates. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much to update people on during the last few months. But I do finally have some nice news!

Pride Publishing are going to be releasing the Perfect Timing Collection in e-boxset format this December 🙂

It’s six books split across two box sets.

The first box set contains You First, Time to Do, and Bi Now, Gay Later. It’s coming out on the 3rd of December.

The second box set contains The Stroke of Twelve, Before he Cheats, and While Under the Influence. That will be out on the 17th of December.

There will be no changes to the text, so please make sure you don’t have the single title releases before you buy.

(Full disclosure – at some point in the very distant future, I might manage to reclaim the rights and issue self-pub editions, and those editions will be re-edited, but that’s a long way off. Especially since I have over 30 titles already reclaimed and waiting to be edited and re-released!)

Please also be aware that there are two titles from the original Perfect Timing collection which aren’t in these box sets. Two titles (Silent Night and Three Minute Man) were MF, and they were removed from the collection when Totally Bound split from Pride Publishing. They are currently out of print completely.

The box sets should represent a saving compared to buying the titles individually, but most of my titles currently seem to be on discount on the Pride Publishing website, so you might be able to find some savings on other titles there already 🙂

All my books on Pride Publishing.

Other News…

A few months ago, when I checked in on here, I posted that I wasn’t going to be on social media much. That “not much” turned into over three months of “not at all”.

Apologies for the lack of a response to anyone who has tried to contact me through Facebook, Messenger, or Twitter since then. I’m doing my best to go through any and all the notifications on the different sites and catch up with everyone now.

I’m still not expecting to be on social media much for a while yet, so email is still your best bet to catch me going forward.

And, for those of you still following the ongoing health saga…

I’ve come to the realisation that, as illogical as it feels, I’m actually better at writing when in pain than I am at writing when on pain killers. So, after five years on daily tramadol, I’ve come off all my pain meds.

It hasn’t been a particularly fun process, but the last time I was off all my meds I wrote Axel’s Pup, so it seems like that is what it’s going to take to finally get my brain back in gear and get the sequel finished, and I really want that to happen, so there we are, lol.

So far, my brain is much clearer, my writing out put has already increased, so I’m feeling really hopefully!

So, last but not least…

Still working on Bayden’s Alpha, still loving it. Hoping the medication changes I’ve made will give me more concrete news to report soon-ish.