Coming Soon!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been ages, even by my standards!

I have this habit of putting things off until I finish the writing or editing project I’m working on. That was okay when I was focusing on short projects and working relatively quickly, but I think it’s going to have to change now, lol.

I expected my last editing project to take six weeks. It took six months, but it is now done!

Pushing the Envelope was previously available via fourteen instalments from Amber Allure. The new version is going to be self published. I’ve added two more sections, bringing the total up to 125,000 words. It will be released as one e-book – although it might be better to think of it more like a box set type deal.

It has a cover, by the lovely Kris Norris…


And a release date!

It will go up for pre-order on September 1st, and become available to download about two weeks later.

I also have news on my plans after that, along with tentative release dates…

November 2016 – re-release of Better than Sex. Stand alone short story. Previously published by Amber Allure, now to be self published. I’m re-polishing it and tweaking the characters, but I don’t expect it to change dramatically.

February 2017 – Sticks and Stones (Kinky Cupid 3) and re-do of All the Gear (Kinky Cupid 4). Both short novellas. All the Gear was previously published by All romance Ebooks, now both will be self published. Sticks and Stones is all new. All the Gear will probably change quite a bit from the first version.

May 2017 – With a Kiss. Stand alone novel. It’s currently available with Resplendence Publishing, but I’ll be re-polishing it and bringing out a self pub version when I get the rights back. I don’t think it will change substantially, but I’m considering adding an extra scene at the end.

August 2017 – Sparkle (Avian Shifters 2.5). An all new short follow up to Magpie.

November 2017 – Albatross (Avian Shifters 3). An all new novel.

And I think that’s it for now 🙂

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes on Facebook!


Kim Dare