Instant Gratification – Available Now!

Hi Everyone,

I had this marked down as my February release, but I decided to get it out before the Valentine’s rush, so you can find it on Amazon now 🙂

It’s been uploaded to Nook / Barnes and Noble too, but hasn’t gone live there yet.

This is the second edition of this title. It was originally released as part of the Friction Anthology, and as a stand alone story called Yes!

It’s been re-worked to become part of the How I Met My Master collection, but it hasn’t been significantly extended. (I think it might have gone from 20 to 23k, but it’s extra detail rather than extra scenes.) So please check if you have the old title before you buy.

The new edition has a new cover, by the very lovely Kris Norris…


Here’s the blurb:

Frustration has never been one of Alex’s kinks. Neither has self-denial, or saying no to men he’d really like to have sex with. So, he’s not quite sure how he ended up in this mess.

The bet had sounded so simple when he first heard it. All he needs to do is say no to everything Stephen offers him for the next twelve hours. How hard could that possibly be? Despite the fact that Stephen is the kind of guy Alex would love to say yes to, for vanilla at least, Alex is confident he’s going to win the bet no trouble at all.

He remains confident, right up until the moment the bet begins and he finds himself in more trouble than he ever thought possible. Then, the only thing Alex is sure about is that twelve hours is an incredibly long time for a man to have to resist temptation, especially if that man has been used to instant gratification.

And here’s a little taster:

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Audio Releases and Kindle Unlimited :)

Two announcements today!

Base Over Apex has made it into audio. It’s narrated by Joe Arden, and produced by Audible Studios. You can find it on the Audible website here:


I’ve also decided that it’s time to see how Kindle Unlimited will work for a few of my titles. I’m starting with Pushing the Envelope.

For the next three months, subscribers to Kindle Unlimited will be able to read it as part of their subscription. It will also be available for sale on Amazon as usual, but it won’t be available on any other distributor websites (such as Nook).

Click on the pic to go to the Amazon page 🙂


That’s it for now, but, if all goes to plan, I might be back next week brining my February release out a little bit early 🙂


Kim Dare


Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Hi Everyone 🙂

It’s been a strange year this year. And it’s only got stranger in the last week with the sudden closure of All Romance Ebooks!

In a lot of ways I think the less said about 2016 the better. I’ll stay away from politics and world events, but I will do a very quick recap of my year as a writer:

Two ebook releases…

image     image

One print book release…


Two audio book releases…

duck-audio     magpie-audio

And that was it. Not my best year, but we are firmly closing that book now.

Swiftly moving on to my plans for 2017 –

I’m hoping for a much more productive year!

There are 4 audio books already in production that should be coming out quite soon. Axel’s Pup, Worth Waiting For, Worth a Shot, and Base Over Apex.

I’m aiming for at least 6 ebook releases in 2017 – at least 3 indi re-releases of titles I’ve reclaimed from publishers, with one of those being novel length, and at least 3 entirely new titles, with one of those being novel length too.

The two novel length releases will also come out in print. Fingers crossed, some might come out in audio too 🙂

With the closure of All Romance Ebooks, I’m also going to be looking into placing my indi titles at other distributors, and maybe even looking into doing something with Kindle Unlimited. No firm decisions yet though.

The first ebook that will release in 2017 has already gone off to editorial. It’s a re-worked version of a story I originally brought out as Yes! (It was available a few years ago, both as a stand alone and as part of the Friction Anthology, but has been out of print for a little while now.)

The new version has a new title – Instant Gratification. It will be part of a new collection called How I Met My Master. And it has a new cover too!


More info on Instant Gratification coming later this month, hopefully followed by a release date in February 🙂

Thank you to everyone for your support and friendship over the last year, I really do hope to pay you back with some new works in the year to come!


Kim Dare