Axel’s Pup in print :)

Hello everyone 🙂

First, thank you to everyone for their kindness and understanding about the Goodreads event story I had to withdraw from. Sara’s prompt has been taken up by Julia, and I have no doubt she is going to rock it!

Next, Axel’s Pup is now in print. It’s actually been out a little while, I’ve kept meaning to blog about it, but I kept putting it off hoping I’d have updates on other projects to add to the post. I finally gave up on that plan, lol.

Okay, so – print.


If you’ve read the e-version you’ll know that Axel’s Pup isn’t a small book. Unfortunately, the price of the print book is largely dictated by the size of the book.

I’ve kept the price as low as possible. I’ll be honest – I make my living out of e-books. I’m not aiming to make huge profits on the print side of things. It’s more about giving people the option, and the fact I do love having things in print 🙂 So, I’ve just taken the minimum price and rounded up to neaten things up.

It works out as £11.99 for the UK, €13.99 for Europe, and $14.99 for the US.

(If you’re curious, my royalty per print copy will be $0.75 US, £0.33 UK and €0.40 Europe.)

If you’re familiar with the exchange rates, you might notice that the US price is lower than the others. I’m guessing that it is due to print costs or what-not.

However, I can only keep the US price this low by limiting distribution from Amazon to other websites. Once I expand distribution, it will go up to about the same price as it is in other territories. I think that will be about $20.00. So, if you’re in the US and want a print copy, you might want to get it sooner rather than later. (I’ll try to give due warning before I put the price up.)


The book is 9 inches by 6 inches and 616 pages.

You can buy it on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon Europe.

Any other questions about it, just shout 🙂


Kim Dare

P.S. One last pic – a group shot with my other print titles…


If you want to see one with a chihuahua posing next to it for scale, see my twitter feed 🙂