Checking In

Hi Everyone!

The short version of this post, for everyone who would just like to know if there is any news on Bayden’s Alpha – I’m still working on it, I am making progress, but I don’t have a release date yet.

The longer version…

Since we’re already half way through 2019, it seems like a good moment to check in.

So far, to say 2019 hasn’t gone at all as planned is an under statement.

The year started with my father’s health deteriorating rapidly. He passed away in February. He’d been battling Chronic Lymphatic Lukemia for over 25 years. He had recently been diagnosed with Merkel Cell Carcenoma, but deleloped sepsis and passed away before he could receive treatment for it.

(Sepsis can affect anyone. There’s currently a campaign to raise awareness of sepsis. Please consider visiting the Sepsis Trust Website and making yourself aware of the symptoms.)

I kept working and writing through the first quarter of this year. I wrote every day. I’m not sure how productive it will turn out to be in terms of the quality I produced during that time, but it gave a sense of normality that helped.

Then, in mid April, everything caught up with me. My own health relapsed somewhat. I had to stop working and ended up taking almost two months off.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally recovered to the point where I was able to return to writing. I’m back to working almost every day now and my head is now probably in the best place writing-wise that it has been for years.

With everything that was going on in real life, I completely flaked on promoting them so you probably haven’t heard much about them, but I did bring out three novellas in the first half of this year!

Sticks and Stones (Kinky Cupid 3) came out in February.

All the Gear (Kinky Cupid 4) came out in March.

And Virgin Territory (Hearts and Handcuffs 2) came out in May.

They were all actually written and edited last year, it’s just the release dates that happen this year.

From the start of this year, my writing project has been Bayden’s Alpha (Werewolves and Dragons 2). The sequel to Axel’s Pup. I have about 90,000 words. I’m not sure how many of those will survive re-writes and edits, but it looks like the finished book will end up even longer than Axel’s Pup (which was 180,000 words).

As I said, I’m in the best writing head space I’ve been for years, so I have high hopes at the moment. I know it’s taken me a long time to get this book to you, so I’m really hoping people will think the finished product will be worth the wait.

There’s no release date yet, and there probably won’t be one until the book is ready to go off to editing. I want to give it whatever time it needs now, so it can be the best book it can be.

I think that’s it for the first half of the year. Apart from one little titbit.

Yesterday, and celebrated 11 years since my first title was accepted by Totally Bound / Pride Publishing, way back in 2008. It’s been a wild 11 years, with over 100 titles published!

I’m hoping the next eleven years will bring even better books, and that the last six months of this year will go more to plan.

Happy July Everyone!

P.S. I’m trying to stay off social media as much as possible, so I can get more writing done. Unfortunately, this means replies will likely be slow. I’ll probably only see Twitter, Goodreads or Facebook message at the middle or the end of the month. But my emails are always open and are checked regularly.

(That said, I had a major email crash recently and some messages may have been lost despite my best efforts to retrieve them all. If you sent something to me and didn’t receive a reply, please resend! I never ignore emails intentionally!)