December Newsletter

Hi everyone!

Happening this month:

I’m trying out a weekly FAQ post on the blog. It will go up every Saturday this month and then we’ll see how it goes.

Works in Progress:

Axel’s Pup has been beta read (the first time I’ve ever used beta readers – it’s been interesting!). I’m now working on the third, and I hope final, draft before it goes off to be edited.

Giveaway winners (names used are the ones publicly listed on the relevant platform):

Amber Kell’s Birthday Bash: JackieG

Boy Meet Boy Reviews: Alaina

Twitter followers: Michele Rakes

Blog followers: Libby

Goodreads friends: Bronwyn Heeley

Each winner will soon recieve an e-mail, twitter DM or Goodreads message letting them know what they’ve won 🙂

And, that’s it. Whatever holidays you and yours are celebrating this month, wishing you a wonderful December!