July Newsletter – Audible, Envelopes and Sex :)

Hi Everyone!

For once I am at least vaguely ready for the new month!

I had two main aims for July:

Send Pushing the Envelope off to second proof


Send Better than Sex off to first proof.

Both jobs are now firmly ticked off my list 🙂

July also saw the lovely Kris Norris complete four more gorgeous covers for me, but I’m trying to show some self control and not share them all at once, lol.

The only one of the four that I’ve posted up so far is. Better than Sex, which will come out in November this year 🙂


Also in July – As some of you may remember, I signed with a literary agent last summer. I’m represented by the fantastic Deidre from The Knight Agency, and she’s just sold the audio rights to six of my self pub titles to Audible!

Duck!, Magpie, Axel’s Pup, Worth Waiting For, Worth a Shot, and Base Over Apex will all be appearing in audio format in due course. Not sure what sort of time line there will be, or what order, or, well, anything at all, yet. The virtual ink is still damp, lol. I’ll let you know more when I know more 🙂

Moving on to August – I’m a chapter and a half into writing Sticks and Stones – a Kinky Cupid novella that will come out next February. (I wrote the first chapter last November, but set it aside because I couldn’t get it to click. Touch wood, this time it seems more cooperative.) I’m hoping to finish writing and editing the story, and have it sent off to formal editorial by the end of this month.

I’ll also be preparing for Pushing the Envelope coming out for pre-order on September 1st 🙂

And I think that’s it. Unless something dramatic needs to be shared in the meantime, I’ll see you all in September 🙂


Kim Dare