Virgin Territory – Available Now!

Hi Everyone!

Virgin Territory is finally back out.

It’s a low angst MM, BDSM, Erotic Romance. There’s bondage, spanking, sarcasm, soppiness. There’s also a dom who hates small talk and a sub who isn’t sure that he’s a sub, but who is very sure that he doesn’t want to be a virgin any more.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you might remember this one from a while back. It was originally published by All Romance Ebooks back in May 2013. The rights came back to me when All Romance Ebooks suddenly closed down.

Bringing this one out means that all the books that were published by All Romance Ebooks are now officially back out! (Which just leaves the 3 books regained from Amber Quill, the 1 from Riptide and the 24 from Resplendence Publishing left to re-release!)

Virgin Territory is now part of the Hearts and Handcuffs collection. There’s one other title already in the collection – Straight to Hell – but the stories are connected solely by theme. They can each be read as a stand alone and in any order.

This new edition has been tweaked and re-edited, but it hasn’t been extended.

It’s available from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Smashwords and Payhip.

Review copies are available too. Just drop me an email telling me where you review and what format you prefer (mobi, epub or pdf) and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

It has a new cover by the lovely Kris Norris…


New editing by Bronwyn Green.

And a new blurb too…

Twenty-two years old and finally out of both the gay and the kinky closets, Danny had every intention of making an impact on the local leather scene. However, his best friend drunkenly announcing to the entire club that they were both complete virgins wasn’t quite the first impression he’d been planning. It’s now been weeks since he first visited the club and, frustrated about all the assumptions the doms have made about virgins, he’s still the boy who has never even been kissed.

Returning to his favourite leather club after several weeks away for work, it doesn’t take Aaron long to hear all the gossip about the new sub in town. Quickly discovering that Danny isn’t just hot as hell, but that he also has an attitude that calls to every one of Aaron’s primal instincts, and he can’t resist setting his sights on becoming the boy’s first—in both vanilla and kinky terms.

But gossip isn’t always true, assumptions can be dangerous, and it’s possible that what he and Danny have in mind for their time together are two very different things. Can a virgin handle finally doing a scene with a serious and experienced dom? Or, maybe the real question is, can the dom handle a virgin who has no interest in conforming to expectations?

And, finally, we have an excerpt 🙂

“Fresh meat.”

Aaron Banks ignored his friend in favour of handing his money to the bartender and picking up his beer.

“Are you listening to me?” Steve demanded, from just behind Aaron’s shoulder.

“Not really.” He took a deep swig from his glass. He’d heard enough talking over the last eight weeks to last him a lifetime.

All projects had their complicated moments and, God knew, he was used to awkward customers. But, the bickering pair of barristers he’d just finished working for hadn’t just taken the biscuit, they’d run off with the bloody biscuit barrel, too.

Aaron sighed and rolled his shoulders in an effort to rid his muscles of two months’ worth of tension. Closing his eyes for a moment, he let the noise of all the guys in the bar wash over him. Conversations blurred together until they faded away completely.

The whole club was pounding to the rhythm of the music from the dance floor on the other side of the building. There were no lyrics to the song, no syllables to spoil the deep base. Combined with the scent of leather and sex filling the air, it was sheer perfection.

A few hours spent doing something that required no words at all, and Aaron knew he’d be back to his usual self.

“Does that mean you’re not interested in breaking him in?”

Of course, Steve never had been very good at shutting the hell up and letting a guy relax in peace. Aaron turned to face his friend with a resigned sigh. “What are you babbling about?”

“The new guy.”

“Any new guy in particular?” He automatically ran an assessing eye over the men around him as he tried to work out who Steve was referring to. But, in truth, he wasn’t even sure that he was in the mood to play with a new guy.

Doing anything interesting with a stranger would take way too much negotiation. Quick and dirty in the men’s room could probably be arranged with nothing more than a look, depending on the guy, but it wouldn’t be entirely satisfying. An old friend who just happened to also be a horny sub would probably give him the best of—

Steve grabbed Aaron’s arm and dragged him several paces to his left, almost spilling both their beers in the process. “I’m talking about him.” Through the press of men, Steve pointed out a young guy standing with a group on the other side of the room. “We have a virgin in our midst!”

Aaron raised an eyebrow as he took in a few more details about the boy in question. Leather jacket, tight jeans, cute arse, motorcycle boots. His hair was black and long enough to curl over his jacket’s collar. His shoulders were broad, and hinted that he wouldn’t break under a bit of rough play. Very nice.

He couldn’t have been more than twenty, and that put him at about half Aaron’s age, but his confident stance hinted that this particular boy was all grown up, in mind as well as body. Aaron’s cock began to harden behind his leather trousers.

“Glad to see I’ve finally got your attention,” Steven murmured.

Aaron swallowed another mouthful of beer, but he’d already decided that that would be the only alcohol he drank that night. A man had to keep a clear head if he wanted to lead another guy into uncharted territory.

“Hot little bugger, isn’t he?” Being ignored made no apparent difference to Steve. He kept rambling on, but Aaron was well accustomed to tuning him out when necessary.

The boy seemed to sense he was being observed. He turned and peered through the crowd, seeking out whoever was staring at him.

Their eyes met, but the bar wasn’t the type of place where strangers locked gazes romantically across a crowded room, fell in love, and went on to have half a dozen kids. It was more the kind of club where holding a man’s gaze for longer than three seconds implied an invitation to join him in the alley out the back of the premises.

The boy was tall, within an inch of Aaron’s height. Aaron registered him dipping his head to hear what the man standing next to him had to say, but the boy maintained eye contact with Aaron. Apparently, neither of them were all that interested in what their respective companions had to say. Aaron had hooked up with people who he had less in common with than that.

The boy smiled. A dimple appeared just above the stubble covering his jaw. With the tiniest lift of one dark eyebrow, he threw down the gauntlet, turned and walked away.

Aaron straightened up. Game on. Leaving his half-full beer on the bar, he strode after the boy.

“How good’s your information?” he asked Steve, over his shoulder, certain that his friend would have followed in his wake.

“First rate.” Steve broke off long enough to step around a pair of guys making out in the corridor that led from the bar room to the dance space. “His name’s Danny. His friend got drunk on their first night here and blurted out that they’d both just come out. Neither of them had ever done anything—not even with a girl. Grade-A virgins, both of them. Danny was kind of pissed with his friend, but he didn’t deny any of it was true.”

Aaron stopped on the edge of the dance space and peered into the mass of gyrating bodies. It wasn’t difficult to track Danny down. Nothing attracted a dom like a hot new sub on the scene, and news like Danny would have spread fast.

So, he just had to follow the stares of all the other doms who’d positioned themselves around the edge of the room and…


Danny was right in the middle of what passed for the dance floor. It was really just a space set aside for guys inclined to make vague attempts to thrust in time to the music while they groped each other. Danny didn’t seem to be dancing with anyone in particular, but Aaron didn’t have much time to be pleased with that discovery. Within half a second, another dom was sliding his arm around Danny’s shoulders and whispering something in his ear.

Any tension that Aaron had managed to shake off since he entered the club flooded back into his muscles. He ground his teeth together, knowing he had no right to feel possessive, but unable to kill the emotion in its tracks.

Danny smiled slightly, but shook his head. The other dom backed off, nice and polite.

“There’s barely a dom in the club who hasn’t made a play for him,” Steve chirped up from Aaron’s side. “He’s shot them all down like that.” He clicked his fingers.

Interesting, but Aaron didn’t have time to listen to any more gossip. He’d be damned if he’d let another man sidle up to Danny before he’d even come within five yards of the boy. He plunged into the pit of grinding, pumping bodies, shouldering his way through when more civil nudges failed to achieve quick enough results. He stopped barely two inches from Danny’s back.

As if sensing someone behind him, Danny looked over his shoulder and came nose-to-nose with Aaron. He jerked back a fraction, bright blue eyes opening wide with shock, but he didn’t say a word. He turned to face Aaron properly and fell completely still.

In the middle of the crowd, it was impossible to hang back and retain any idea of personal space. Someone nudged Danny in the back. He shuffled closer to Aaron, but stopped just a fraction short of making contact. It was left to Aaron to shift his stance and actually bring their bodies together.

Danny gasped. The shocked little noise made Aaron smile. Maybe the gossip was right and the boy really was that innocent.

A tilt of Aaron’s head, and the stubble on their jaw lines scraped together. Each tiny movement either of them made brought their lips closer, but each time, Aaron stopped them just short of a kiss.

Unable to resist a moment longer, Aaron reached around Danny and grabbed his arse, pulling them firmly together. Danny tugged on Aaron’s belt in return, as if they could possibly get closer to each other without both of them getting undressed.

The music and the crowd surrounded them with heat and noise. Aaron’s pulse sped up to keep time with the beat as Danny rocked his hips to the music.

Aaron’s leather trousers were now far tighter across his crotch. He only wore a thin T-shirt, and he was sweltering among the press of bodies. Danny had to want to get out of his leather jacket. With a bit of luck, the rest of his clothes would disappear at the same time.

As if reading Aaron’s thoughts, Danny turned his head. He tugged at Aaron’s belt again and put his lips to Aaron’s ear. “My place.”

The words were tossed down like a challenge. Adrenaline flooded Aaron’s veins. “My bike,” he shot back.

Danny stopped rocking his hips. He didn’t even breathe. Finally, he nodded, sharply. “Okay.”

And, as easily as that, Aaron knew then that his suspicions were correct. Danny had the biker look down pat, but there were no wheels to go with the jacket and the boots. He pulled away, putting clear air between their bodies. “Now.”

Danny’s Adam’s apple bobbed as his nerves seemed to spike, but he nodded his agreement.

It had taken exactly six words for them to come to an understanding. Perfect. That was the kind of conversation Aaron could really get into.

He grabbed hold of Danny’s wrist and damn near dragged the boy out of the club. He kept them moving until they reached the row of motorbikes parked around the corner of the building but, no, he couldn’t wait until they reached anyone’s place.

Using his grip on Danny’s wrist for leverage, Aaron spun him around and pushed him up against the rough brick wall. Danny didn’t utter a single syllable. Aaron gave him the chance. Holding the boy against the wall, he made a point of hanging back and giving him time to complain that they were going too fast.

For several seconds, he stared straight into Danny’s eyes. All credit to him, he held Aaron’s gaze well. And, when Aaron finally leaned forward and brought their lips together, perfection.

There was no need for Aaron to demand access to Danny’s mouth—not when it was offered so quickly, so freely. Aaron growled his approval into the kiss.

There was no polish to Danny. His technique was clumsy enough for his inexperience to be obvious, but no man could have doubted his enthusiasm as he grabbed hold of Aaron’s T-shirt with his free hand and scrabbled to pull him even closer.

Aaron released Danny’s wrist and braced himself against the wall with his palms on the brickwork either side of Danny’s shoulders. He couldn’t start to explore the boy’s body now. If he did, he knew he wouldn’t stop, and it wouldn’t do to take anyone’s virginity in an alley.

Damn it! Aaron forced himself to step back. Danny’s grip moved to Aaron’s shoulders and tightened. He was no weakling. He even managed to snatch another kiss before Aaron laughed and pushed him away. “Patience.”

Danny slumped against the wall looking as shocked as hell, but as pleased as Punch, Judy and the Crocodile all rolled into one. It was so easy to believe that it was his first ever kiss—or at least his first from a man who knew what he was doing.

Aaron quickly extracted two helmets from the panniers on his bike. “Address?” he prompted.

Danny provided it using no more than the minimum number of words required. Pushing himself away from the wall, he accepted the helmet Aaron offered him without adding a single syllable. Either he was too nervous to make small talk, or he felt the same way as Aaron did about unnecessary chatter. Whatever the cause, it was definitely a point in his favour…

And that’s it! Have a great May Everyone!


Kim Dare.

P.S. Work on Bayden’s Alpha is still ongoing. I’ll shout it from the roof tops when I have any real news on it 🙂